Friday, January 19, 2007

Setting up your own proxy server to bypass firewall restrictions and surf anonymously


U searched google and find a web proxy or you are using this for sometime but now they have been blocked by administrator. to get past of it u need to setup your own proxy server , all u need is to find a free web hosting which provides cgi or php support

If u want to setup a cgi proxy than u need to download this cgiproxy script and if u wanna install php proxy than u need to download this phpproxy script or u can download this phpproxy script as well

To setup phpproxy

Download phpproxy and extract it to directory. upload the script to your webpage and open up the new url to check if its working all right. you can also chane the word proxy to avoid filters that ban everything that has the word “proxy” in it.

Setting up cgiproxy

For this all you need is a cgi supported webhosting

Download the cgi script and extract it to a directory.

Open the .cgi file and take a look at the configuration. You can edit lots of settings,

After that upload the script to your cgi directory and open the url from your browser. You are now ready to browse the web,

Alternatively you can use this automatic online installer to install the proxy on the webhost

Enjoy surfing


2 comments to "Setting up your own proxy server to bypass firewall restrictions and surf anonymously"

Anonymous said...
4:10 PM

This is really very helpful, thanx

Anonymous said...
2:27 PM

Thanks for the Proxy thingy.

Let me try php proxy on my WebServer. I was looking for a adfree one.


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