Monday, July 30, 2007

Using emoticons and smilies in gmail chat


This is the list of smilies which one can use while chatting in gtalk

Emoticon Key Combination

Heart! <3

monkey! :(|)

Rock out \m/

Shout! :-o

Grinning :D

Sad :(

Crying x-(

Cool B-)

Tears :'(

laug =D

tricky ;)

sorrow :-|

smile =)

teeth! :-D

tip ;^)

tricky ;-)

lol :-)

about to :-/

small laugh :P

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Read orkut scraps with out logging in through RSS feed


Hi all , here is new trick for reading orkut scraps with out logging in to u'r account J
Just go to this linke and change ur UID{uid}}

And u can read any body's scraps with this method

Happy orkutting

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yahoo Messenger Invisible status checker


If you want to find whether Your buddy is online in invisible mode on yahoo
Than here is how to find invisible status of your friends ,

Log in to yahoo messenger and open the chat window by double clicking on the name of ur buddy u want to find status of

Now in the chat window click on the IMVironment and select the Doodle

Now if ur buddy is offline , Doodle will show .

"waiting for your friend to load Doodle"

But if ur buddy in online in invisible mode , than after few seconds u will get a blank screen
Hence you know your friend is online

You can also use third party software like buddy-spy to find invisible status

Get it from here

With buddy spy you can even find which chat room your friend is in [if any ]

Another method

Just go to this url

And change the the yahoo_id to the id u want to know about

It will show u online or offline smiley

have fun

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Winamp plugin for yahoo messenger song status


If you want to change your Yahoo messenger status to the song you are listening to in Winamp , u need to download this plugin

Unzip the file gen_empty.dll and put it into winamp's plugin folder

Which must be C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins

Now restart the Winamp and play the song ,it will be displayed as status in ur yahoo messenger

Have fun

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Online hindi bollywood song radio stations


Here is the list of few hindi and bollywood song radio stations

RadioTarana-NewZealand ==> mms://

106.2 HUMFM - UAE ==>

RadioOfIndia - Bollywood ==>

RadioOfIndia - Bhajans ==>

RadioOfIndia - Classical ==>

DesiSoundz - India ==>

Sabras radio - UK ==>

Haagstad Radio - Holand ==> mms://

RadioTeenTaal - Paris ==>

ApnaRadio - USA ==>

BombayBeats FM ==>

Punjabi Radio - UK ==>

Amrit Bani - UK ==>

Yarr Radio - UK ==> mms://

Sunrise FM - UK ==>

Radio XL - UK ==>

Asian Gold Radio - UK ==>

Asian Sound Radio - UK ==>

Sanskar Radio - UK ==>

Trishul 90.5 FM ==>

Radio Apni Awaz ==> mms://

Radio India - Canada ==> mms://

City 101.6 FM - Dubai ==>

DDLive Video - India ==>

AajKal - Asian Network ==>

BBC News ==>

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Download videos and mp3 songs from sites like youtube and other


This is a new trick to download videos and mp3 songs from various sites
All you need to have is firefox browser and firebug plugin

Install Firefox and install firebug plugin and all set to go

Open the site and fire up firebug by pressing f12 key
Now play the song or video u want to download

Click on the net tab of firebug and look for the biggest file

Right click on it and copy the link location and download it



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