Monday, January 08, 2007

Download videos from youtube, google video, ifilm, metacafe and dailymotion etc


Here is the trick to download videos from youtube and other online streaming sites

First all you need is download and install Mozilla Firefox browser ,

Now go to link below and download and install video downloader plugin for Firefox

Now when you open any embedded video page in firefox , click on bottom right corner of the firefox window and click on the video downloader icon to download the video

And if you use internet explorer and don't want to install and use Firefox than you can visit these sites and download the videos without instaling anything

Or just put kiss before the url of The video for example if it's
Than type
in adress bar and press enter

This is another site which provides the video download links

Have fun



2 comments to "Download videos from youtube, google video, ifilm, metacafe and dailymotion etc"

Anonymous said...
3:31 AM

Congradulations go to amiT JaiN!
The best and straight forward way to download video clips, but Better yet the simplest way for a PC novice to comprehent.
Nick JC

Briana said...
10:40 PM

Good words.

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