Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hindi english mp3 song download sites


These are few sites u can download hollywood and bollywood songs from









Students hangout

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Online file conversion


This online file conversion site is amazing , it can convert almost any file extension to any , a very handy site for converting file formats , it supports almost all formats , in short it is one of the best online file format converter

Check it out



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Online Image editor and resizer


Just came across a site which lets you resize or crop ur pictures or images online,

It's an online resize website utility developed for digital camera owners, webmasters, people travelling, or anybody who quickly wants to resize a digital image online for email or publishing on a web site. No need to open a photo editor to do this!

Try it out



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Online anti virus scanner sites


1. Scan your PC online






Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

Microsoft Safety Live (beta)

Panda Antivirus

Symantec Norton AntiVirus

TrendMicro HouseCall

VirusChaser (DrWeb engine)

2. Online spyware scanners

Ewido online scanner

PestPatrol Anti-Spyware

Spy Audit

Spy Catcher

Spyware Doctor

Spy Sweeper

StopSign Spyware Remover

Trend Micro Anti-Spyware


X-Cleaner (ActiveX)

ZoneAlarm Spyware Detector

3. Online file scanners .






Panda Software


RAV antivirus

Trend Micro



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Friday, January 19, 2007

Setting up your own proxy server to bypass firewall restrictions and surf anonymously


U searched google and find a web proxy or you are using this for sometime but now they have been blocked by administrator. to get past of it u need to setup your own proxy server , all u need is to find a free web hosting which provides cgi or php support

If u want to setup a cgi proxy than u need to download this cgiproxy script and if u wanna install php proxy than u need to download this phpproxy script or u can download this phpproxy script as well

To setup phpproxy

Download phpproxy and extract it to directory. upload the script to your webpage and open up the new url to check if its working all right. you can also chane the word proxy to avoid filters that ban everything that has the word “proxy” in it.

Setting up cgiproxy

For this all you need is a cgi supported webhosting

Download the cgi script and extract it to a directory.

Open the .cgi file and take a look at the configuration. You can edit lots of settings,

After that upload the script to your cgi directory and open the url from your browser. You are now ready to browse the web,

Alternatively you can use this automatic online installer to install the proxy on the webhost

Enjoy surfing

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Monday, January 15, 2007

How to access Meebo.com when it is blocked


Website Meebo.com is a web based instant messenger site that supports Yahoo Messenger, Msn messenger,GTalk,AIM & ICQ, .

The Meebo team has created a application called Meebo repeater which acts as a proxy and makes it possible again to use Meebo if it is blocked.

Download the Meebo repeater from the Meebo website, and run it. The Meebo repeater will automatically configure the service and tell you the internet address that you will have to use to connect to Meebo. You might have to configure your firewall to allow Meebo repeater access to the net.

It is able to use SSL and standard connections to the Meebo network.

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Access blocked websites and bypass restrictions


You want to open a site which is blocked at ur school or organization and u don't know how to bypass the restrictions ,here is a way

Corel CDN (content distribution network) can be a solution if you can´t open a website because it is blocked by an administrator.


Corel CDN caches websites and makes them available even when the website is blocked. To access a website you simply append .nyud.net:8080 to the url.

For example access this blog the url would be


You can also use firefox plugin for this.


Enjoy surfing

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How to save real audio online streaming files


When you go to a webpage that offers Real Audio Streams, all you get is a link to a .ram file which you download and play in real player. The .ram file only contains the link to the .ra / .rm file, and thats what we need. Remember the .ra file contains the audio, the .ram file the location of the audio file.

Download the .ram file and open it in notepad. You will see a link to the audio file.

Copy paste the url into your browser and you are prompted to download the audio file.


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Sunday, January 14, 2007

How to Setup Netgear wireless Router with Airtel Beetel 200BX modem


Setting up netgear wireless router with Airtel modem Beetel 220BX.

Connect all the cables in router and modem according to manual

  • Turn off ur pc ,router and modem
  • Switch on the modem first than turn on your computer.
  • Open the wireless router configuration page by typing ur router's IP. Default is ,Login using ur username and password, which must be admin and password
  • Your connection will be detected as PPPoE. Put your airtel username and password Configure your wireless settings
  • Congratulations your router Setup is complete.
The airtel modem acts as router and DHCP server too. but configuring it in bridge mode makes it act as a modem and not as a router and DHCP server. Your wireless router is now the new router and DHCP server.


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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How To Access Blocked Web Sites


So u want to access any site which is blocked in ur office ,here are few tips to bypass firewalls and restrictions and accessing blocked websites

  • Use Google Mobile Search. Google display the normal HTML pages as if you are viewing them on a mobile phone. During the translation, Google removes the javascript content and CSS scripts and breaks a longer page into several smaller pages. like when u access this blog through google mobile it will look like this http://www.google.com/gwt/n?u=amitjainonline.blogspot.com

  • Enter the URL in Google or Yahoo search and then click the cached page. To retrieve the page more quickly from Google's cache, click "Cached Text Only" while the browser is loading the page from cache.See cached version of this blog , click here

  • U can also look for web based proxy sites which are not blocked , they are really good for accessing blocked sites , just google for "web based proxy" and u'll find several proxy web sites

  • Another option is bit complicated, u can use http tunnel to access blocked site for this http://www.http-tunnel.com/html/ Go to this site and download the http-tunnel software

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No folder options in windows explorer tools menu ?


Well if u are not able to see folder options in windows explorer tools menu than ur pc is infected by a virus , get a good anti virus and scan ur pc first and remove the virus

than restart ur pc in safe mode and log in ad administrator

than download this registry file and double click on it to merge the info in the registry


if u want to edit ur system registry manullay than do this

Go to start >run> type regedit and press enter

Than navigate to


and create this dword key
and put 0 as value

another one

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Restrictions]
dword key
and put 0 as value

Beside this u may also need to do this

Go to Start Run Type: gpedit.msc Click OK

Navigate to>>Local Computer Policy\User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Explorer
Removes the Folder Options menu item from the Tools menu

Set it to Not Configured.

Restart ur system and folder options will be back

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Download videos from youtube, google video, ifilm, metacafe and dailymotion etc


Here is the trick to download videos from youtube and other online streaming sites

First all you need is download and install Mozilla Firefox browser ,


Now go to link below and download and install video downloader plugin for Firefox



Now when you open any embedded video page in firefox , click on bottom right corner of the firefox window and click on the video downloader icon to download the video

And if you use internet explorer and don't want to install and use Firefox than you can visit these sites and download the videos without instaling anything 


Or just put kiss before the url of The video for example if it's
Than type http://www.kissyoutube.com/watch?v=tRTk0RPXtW4
in adress bar and press enter

This is another site which provides the video download links


Have fun


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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Explore Google's Hidden Features, Get more out of it


1. Google as Calculator

You can use Google as a high-tech web-based calculator. All you have to do is enter your equation or formula into the standard Google search box, and then click the Google Search button. The result of the calculation is displayed on the search results page; it’s that simple.

For example, to add 2 plus 3, enter 2 + 3 and press Enter. To divide 10 by 2, enter 10 / 2, and so on.

And Google’s calculator isn’t limited to basic addition and multiplication. It can also handle more advanced calculations, trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, and logarithmic functions.

2. Google Knows Mathematical Constants

In addition to performing calculations, Google also knows a variety of mathematical and scientific constants, such as pi, Avogadro’s Number, and Planck’s Constant. It also knows the radius of the Earth, the mass of the sun, the speed of light, the gravitational constant, and a lot more.

For example, if you’re not sure what the value of pi is, just enter pi into the Search box and press Enter; Google returns 3.14159265, How about the speed of light? Enter speed of light, and Google returns 299,792,458 m/s.

3. Google as a Dictionary

You can use Google as an online dictionary to look up any word you can think of. It’s easy—and there are two ways to do it.

The first approach to looking up definitions is to use a ´All you have to do is enter the keywords what is in your query, followed by the word in question.For example, to look up the definition of the word "Maverick," enter what is maverick.

4. Google as a Glossary

Use define before the word you want defined, with no spaces between. for example, if you want to define the word "Maverick," enter the query define:Maverick.

If you want to define a phrase, use the define: operator but put the phrase in quotation marks. For example, to define the phrase "peer to peer", enter the query define:"peer to peer".

5. Google for Facts

Google can find fact-based information, such as birthdates, birthplaces, population. All you have to do is enter a query that states the fact you want to know. For example:
  • To find the population of India, enter population India.
  • To find where Mahatma Gandhi was born, enter birthplace Mahatma Gandhi
  • To find when President Bill Clinton was born, enter birthday bill clinton.
  • To find who is the president of US, enter president US.

6. Google Displays Weather Reports

Google can be used to find current weather conditions and forecasts? Just enter the keyword weather, followed by the location. For example, to view the weather forecast for Minneapolis, enter weather minneapolis.

Google displays current weather conditions and a four-day forecast at the top of the search results page.

7. Google Knows Current Airport Conditions

To search for weather conditions and delays at a particular airport, all you have to do is enter the airport’s three-letter code, followed by the word airport. For example, to view conditions at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (with the code MSP), enter msp airport.

8. Google Tracks Flight Status

Google also lets you track the status of any U.S. flight and many international flights. All you have to do is enter the flight number into the Google search box. For example, to find out the status of United Airlines flight 116, enter ua116.

Google displays links to three sites that let you track the flight status—Travelocity, Expedia, and fboweb. Click one of these links to view real-time flight status—including maps of where the plane is in its route.

9. Google Is a Phone Directory

Google now includes listings for millions of U.S. households in what it calls the Google PhoneBook. You search the PhoneBook listings from the main Google search box, using specific query parameters.

All you have to do is enter some combination of the following parameters: first name (or initial), last name, city, state, or Zip code. For example, to search for bill clinton washington, enter bill clinton washington. As you might suspect, the more details you provide, the more targeted your results will be.

Google lets you perform reverse phone number lookups. Just enter the full phone number, including area code, into the standard Google search box. You can enter all 10 numbers in a row,When you click the search button, Google displays a name matching PhoneBook result.

10. Google to find Area Codes

If you have an area code and want to know which city it serves, just enter the area code; Google will return the city in which that area code resides.

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