Friday, May 29, 2009

dual boot vista xp boot loader or boot manager not coming


If you've installed Windows xp on the different partition on your system with windows vista already installed on another partition than you might not get the boot manager or boot loader at startup

Problem is because both vista and xp uses different boot loaders and xp doesn't recognise vista's boot loader. to fix this problem, there are two solutions

1. it's the easiest one

Download and install EasyBCD on your windows xp

This aplication requires .NET framework 2.0 to run, download and install .NET framework 2.0

Now run EasyBCD >Click on add/remove entries and add Windwos xp information and the text you would like to see in boot loader , change the drive from dropdown menu at bottom and select windows xp

Click on add Entry
Click on Save


Now go to manage boot loaders tab
Select the "Reinstall the Vista Bootloader" radio button
click "Write MBR" and restart the system.

This will bring the boot loader back

Option 2.

IF  you want to configure it manually than insert the vista dvd in the drive and run the setup
on the setup screen click on Repair your computer option  

Follow the steps it ask and in choose recovery tool dialog box  select Command prompt
At command prompt give these two commands

Bootrec.exe /fixMBR
Bootrec.exe /fixBoot

Close the command prompt and restart system (boot with vista )

Open command prompt(with admin login) again once system is reboot  (right-click and choose "run as administrator")

Give these commands (assuming Vista installed on C: , change C: if vista is installed on any other partition)

bcdedit –set {ntldr} device partition=C:
bcdedit –set {ntldr} path \ntldr
bcdedit –displayorder {ntldr} –addlast
bcdedit -set {ntldr} description "Microsoft Windows XP"

Close the command prompt and restart the syaytem , ur done


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