Thursday, January 15, 2009

Creating sitemaps for blogger blogspot blog for submitting to search engines


To create a sitemap for ur blog , Go to Webmaster Tools link and the bottom of ur blogspot dashbord, click on the link of your blog , than go to sitemap link at the left pane
You can create either rss.xml or atom.xml format sitemaps
It doesn't matter which one you use, they should both be accepted as valid sitemap, for submitting sitemap u may need to varify your ownership by putting a varification link provided by blogger in ur blog

  • By default, sitemap only includes the latest 25 posts. So not all your blog posts might get indexed
  • If you use FeedBurner and enabled feed redirection on your blog, this sitemap does not work as it is redirected to your FeedBurner feed
To Disable the redirect for your sitemap


By default, the sitemap only shows the latest 25 posts. Using a parameter called max-results, you can specify how many posts need to be included in the sitemap.


Finally, add a parameter to define the start point.


to put it all together

Let's put it all together
if your blog is having 200 posts and feed redirection to FeedBurner enabled. than your sitemap will look like this

Hope this helps


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Namib Naturalist said...
3:56 AM

Thanks, that was very useful. It was one of the few things that I found wasn't very clear working with Google's Webmaster's tool.

Khyroo said...
5:11 PM

thanks it works...

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