Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Put adsense ads between posts of new blogger beta


Ever wonder how to put ads in the posts of ur blogs
Here is the trick to do that

First of all setup ur adsense and copy the code
Write ur adsense code between these table tags of htm

< table align="left" >< tbody>< tr>< td align="left">

< /td>< /tr>< /tbody>< /table>

Now go to this online parser and parse this entire code to make it compatible with xml

Now log in to ur blogger account and go to template and click on edit html

Click on expand widget code and find this string

< p>< data:post.body> < /p>

Paste the code before < data:post.body>

< p>Your code here < data:post.body>< /p>

Click on the preview to see if it's working or not



1 comments to "Put adsense ads between posts of new blogger beta"

rick said...
8:06 PM

what is rxmads? well i m using adsense and would like to use this rxmads. pls tell me what it is.

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