Thursday, September 25, 2008

Detect Yahoo messenger invisible friends, Yahoo messenger invisible status checker


If you want to find whether Your buddy is online in invisible mode on yahoo or not ,than just go to any of site mentioned below , put yahoo ID in search box and click on search to find the invisible status of your friend

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Anonymous said...
9:39 PM

This is the best :

daniel said...
9:39 PM

This is the best :

Anonymous said...
3:41 PM

Nice Info

Anonymous said...
12:35 PM

For yahoo status check and detect i use Yahoo Status Scan . It's the best yahoo invisible checker!

Anuj said...
7:38 PM

What about your password getting recorded or stolen by the websites?

Its not safe to use them.

amiT jaiN said...
8:10 PM

@ Anuj :

Hi anuj thsese sites doesn't ask for your user name or passwords at all

All u need to put in is userid of the person u wanna check

Anonymous said...
12:37 AM

Hi and thanks for you article. I think most of your mentioned link are either broken or down. They just don't show real results.

A tip is mentioned here for a real solution to detect invisible yahoo users:

Anonymous said...
6:52 AM

Great, but two questions:

1- the first one on your list works very well (tested with other accounts that I have on yahoo)...BUT...what about spam and collecting the id's??

2- Is ther ANY way to figure it out who is invisible with MSN Live messenger????

Anonymous said...
9:06 PM

hi sir,

I want to

Anonymous said...
9:11 PM

hi sir,

I want to put controls like textbox on pdf file and type something in pdf file. after that print the page. when print then print the pdf with this text. I want to do this in please help me.

Devendra Jain

Anonymous said...
7:48 PM


Anonymous said...
7:50 PM

is there a posible way that all my friends list can detect together.I mean NOT ONE at THE TIME..

Anonymous said...
5:00 AM

check this site :


Anonymous said...
6:38 PM

Check this great Yahoo invisible scanner with a lot of functionalities!

Balaceanu said...
8:19 PM

You forget this :
Status Indicator ,

Perse Adrian said...
10:16 PM

Try this

Anonymous said...
4:59 PM - Available, Offline or Invisible?

oneman said...
11:57 PM

one more

mebus said...
1:37 AM

and another one is

YahooStatus said...
2:22 AM

A new generation of yahoo spy is begining at . You can save 4 yahoo is in the right boxes, and the system will do the invisible detect every time you access the page. So off with the invisible and hurray for yahoo spy!

ROCK said...
2:52 PM

Check yahoo invisible users at

Nishant said...
6:03 AM

Hi Anuj,
Thank you so much for your help.

V551 said...
5:51 AM Is the best one.

Kishore said...
8:30 PM

detect invisible yahoo buddys at for real status fast and accurate

U said...
10:41 PM

Nice one, but you can you Yahoo invisible detector

Marius said...
12:27 AM

The best Yahoo Invisible Detector can Check online, offline and Invisible Status of Yahoo messenger's users and show the real mode of the buddy.

hanum said...
6:38 PM

new feature in yahoo messanger invisible detected on, we can know when the ID is created :D

Adi said...
4:46 AM

You should add this to your list.

Here you can download the program for your desktop. It is very easy to use it.

Raad Danesh said...
3:02 PM

take a look at this one: Yahoo Invisible Detector

aandrr said...
2:01 PM

If you want a good detector check here

Peter said...
6:58 PM

Messenger Invisible Yahoo Detector

Check this: Messenger Invisible Yahoo Detector

Mess Peter said...
10:22 PM

I recommend also Messenger Invisible Yahoo Detector

Bianca Dragusanu said...
1:45 AM is the best Yahoo Invisible Detector ! Quick and 100 % Real Status !

-Send voice messages in english and romanian ( NEW !!! )
-You can remove yourself from another yahoo list ( NEW !!! )
-See hi5 and facebook profile
-Add new friends , send text messages , see the top visited and cheked profiles . Comment at your favorites profiles !

Voice Presentation here :

Link here : : Spy Detect

aandrr said...
9:34 AM

great detect invisible here

aandrr said...
2:35 AM

after yahoo updates Yahoo status check still works

aandrr said...
6:36 PM

Try using

nicepicx said...
10:34 PM

New yahoo invisible scanner which will shows real status, whether they are really offline or invisible, it shows Cartoon Avatar also(if available)

cry.lady03 said...
8:37 AM

can anyone please help me. i'm begging you. what other programs can the invisible detector detect? i tried looking for my bf's stat in all of those detector and it states that he's invisible. but when i opened his YM i got all my offline messages. it happened several times. pls help me. my yahoo email is

Admin said...
7:40 PM

Another useful website, it can:
- Check the status: online, invisible, offline
- View and download avatar
- Add nick
- Send the message
- View the profile
- 100% correct, never busy

aandrr said...
11:16 AM

Detect invisible users on Yahoo Messenger,Detect invisible Yahoo Messenger IDs in Who is invisible( )

aandrr said...
1:53 PM
Invisible users on yahoo messenger can`t hide anymore status checker

aandrr said...
11:21 AM

Here is how you can detect invisible users on yahoo messenger detector invisible or Who is invisible

aandrr said...
6:44 PM

made for yahoo messenger status | detector invisible

alexandru said...
5:44 PM - the ultimate yahoo status detector. This is a brand new site with lots of cool features.

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